Drain & Sewers


Backed up drains are a nuisance, they’re smelly, unsanitary and make every day routine difficult, so if you have a blockage get in touch, we’ll be there FAST to unclog and clear your drain.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing our technicians will take great care of your home. We wear shoe covers, put down drop cloths and splash guards so you never need to worry about damage to your beautiful home. The area we work in will be cleaner than when we arrived because we employ the best drain cleaning technicians, give them the best training and the best tools to serve you and unclog your drain problems.


If you have a clogged or damaged sewer line we can help.

One major problem that occurs with sewer lines is root intrusion which occurs when roots infiltrate your sewer pipes causing unwanted backups and other problems. This is very common in older homes in particular which have older piping in their sewer systems. There are also many other unwanted problems that can cause dangerous clogs in your sewer pipes.

Our specialized technicians are the local experts for all sewer line services and will use our state-of-the-art pipeline video inspection tools to get to the root of your clogged sewer line without damaging your property.

Our technicians are clean, courteous, expert sewer and drain specialists, we do a complete thorough clean up when our work is finished so you won’t even know we were there.

Call us today on 914-773-2900 or Contact us for a no obligation quote and advice.